Thursday, 18 April 2013

Spring is coming!!

Tiergarten (Berlin)

Well, I am sure that you are all tired of reading this sentence lately (or a similar one) everywhere. In our 'daily post' nowadays AKA Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etcetera, but the truth is that, for some of us, this is a reason of celebration. Let me go deeper about this...

I am, since the beginning of 2012, living in Berlin and, although this is "the new place to be", the cosmopolitan metropolis of Europe, the base of the best Techno DJs (WTF?¿), and the amazing centre of Music and street art, is also the 'Oh! Is so cold that I don't want to live anymore' place. For around 8-9 months this is a grey, cold and depressive place so, when the warm temperatures come is like I am awakening from a never-ending hibernation. I feel alive, happy, cheerful, active, and creative, on the go!

I find myself, therefore, writing this entry in my long time ago abandoned blog. I don’t know which direction this is going to take. I don’t know if it’ll be full of ‘Instagram-y’ pictures of my everyday-life in Berlin, or perhaps, an allegory picturing myself enjoying my other passion: fashion. (Crom, save me of becoming an empty ‘OMG’ ego-blogger). All the old entries were, as you can see, pictures of pixel dolls so maybe is time to make it for real and to use all that creativity for good.
What I know for sure is that, somehow, music will be present at all times! Welcome!

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