Friday, 14 November 2014

Come-back & Autunm Inspiration

Hello everybody! It's been a long time since my last post, for what I apologise profoundly.
Final exams plus refurbishing works at home got me physically knocked out and unable to enjoy any kind of social life.
A busy work schedule during last summer also took its toll on me, but I cannot complain about that...

The last post that you read here was about summer inspiration and I hope that you enjoyed that because I'm back to the load. I'm adding a few snapshots too as a proof of what I said about how busy I was so you can see for yourself. :)

So... let's get into the theme. Despite the fact that I love summer and all what it's related to it, I also enjoy pretty much autumn and winter. More precisely, Spanish winter. I love beanies, a very handy accessory when it comes to bad hair days, western boots which when used in summer can be quite pointed out, gigantic scarfs, turtle necks that give you +2 in apparent intellectuality, opaque tights for when you're too lazy to shave your legs, erm... Cozy loose knits for when you're feeling bloated, tight clothes for when you're feeling slim and don't want to look as a Spanish chorizo, etcetera. I think that you get the idea.

The purpose of this post, apart of serving you of inspiration if in any case I can do that, it's to inspire ME and not to be taken up by winter boredom and laziness. So here it comes, I hope that you like it.

I'm trying to respect the source of the pictures but, if for some reason you see your picture here and want it removed, please, contact me and I'll do it.

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And from my part...

Got my Mojo Working! @ II Festival Blues de Sevilla

 Antequera Blues Festival 2014

Playing drums @ Open Stage

Having fun with my Patata

II Festival Blues de Sevilla

Having dinner in a rock night!

Open Stage

with The Rockest

Interview @ Canal Sur Radio

choosing furniture... very happy indeed...

Duck lips with The Rockest

Again but in a boat

At a friend's wedding along with my Patata

In Rome

Templo de Diana (Mérida)

That's all folks!!

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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Summer Inspiration

Sometimes, when I don't feel so inspired about what to wear (OMG, what a dilemma...), I take a look to some of my favourite blogs. Sometimes is some celebrity who inspires me, sometimes is just strangers who, with their personal sense of style, are giving me some ideas. Is not that I think that my style is something worth talking about, but since this is the place where I can write everything I want without being totally exposed or judged, I've decided doing it.
When it comes to designers, I have no clue who is the most considered (appart of Chanel, Dior, et cetera). Who is the one that's totally in, or anything like it.
I like the most simple things when it comes to clothing. Like, for example, a nice pair of jeans and a tshirt. Whoever knows me, knows that too.

Although, sometimes I like to have fun dressing in 50s style, playing to be a pin up girl. Sometimes is the 20s or the 30s what I go for. I guess that I have a little Bonnie and a little Bettie inside of me...

This time of the year is, (at least for me) when all the insecurities about my body show up in all glory. I hate cellulite, that seems to be in all places, hate saggy, hate muffin top, hate love-handles, and everything that surrounds bone. Nevertheless, with age, I seem to be learning to love myself as I am — small, a little too healthy and when it comes to the way I dress, a little sloppy— .

So, this post is not about MY pictures, is about what inspires me right now  perfect bodies in perfect bikinis, a little too skinny gals, fresh and light food, blue and green water and sand . Yes. Today's inspirational post is totally dedicated to SUMMER. Might be simple, might be glamorous, might be not only clothes but places or just things. Anyway, I hope that you like it.

I'm trying to respect the source of the pictures but, if for some reason you see your picture here and want it removed, please, contact me and I'll do it.

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Algunas veces, cuando no estoy muy inspirada sobre qué ponerme (qué dilema...), echo un vistazo a mis blogs favoritos. Algunas veces, es algún famoso quien me inspira. Algunas veces, sin embargo, son desconocidos quienes, con su propio estilo personal, me das ideas. No es que yo crea que mi forma de vestir sea algo tan importante o reseñable como para hablar de ello pero, teniendo en cuenta que este es el sitio en donde puedo escribir todo lo que quiera sin sentirme totalmente observada o juzgada, he decidido hacerlo.

Cuando se trata de diseñadores, no tengo la más mínima idea de quien es el más considerado (aparte de Chanel, Dior, etc). Quién es EL diseñador más de moda en ese momento o nada parecido.
Me gustan las cosas más simples como, por ejemplo, unos vaqueros y una camiseta. Quien me conoce, lo sabe perfectamente. Sin embargo, algunas veces me gusta divertirme vistiéndome al estilo de los años 50, jugando a ser una chica Pinup. Otras veces lo hago en el estilo de los años 20 o 20. Supongo que tengo una pequeña Bonnie y una pequeña Bettie dentro de mí.

Es en esta época del año, al menos para mí, cuando todas las inseguridades sobre mi cuerpo aparecen en todo su apogeo. Odio la celulitis, que parece estar en todos sitios, odio la flacidez, odio la tripita, odio michelines, y todo lo que rodea al hueso. No obstante, con la edad, parece que estoy aprendiendo a quererme a mí misma tal y como soy — bajita, un poco demasiado "sana" y, cuando se trata de mi forma de vestir, un poco desaliñada .

Así que, este post no es sobre mí o mis fotos, es sobre qué me inspira en este momento — cuerpos perfectos en bikinis perfectos, chicas demasiado delgadas, comida fresca y ligera, agua azul y verde y arena.  Sí. Este post inspiracional está dedicado al VERANO. Puede ser simple, puede ser glamouroso, puede que no sea ropa, sino sitios o solamente cosas. De cualquier modo, espero que os guste.

He intentado respetar la fuente de las fotos pero si, por cualquier motivo, ves tu foto aquí y quieres que la elimine, por favor contáctame y así lo haré.

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