Thursday, 1 May 2014

Here I Go Again!

Hello everybody,

how was that Easter break? I hope that you were lying on a hammock reading something nice with a Caipirinha on the side. You could have been reading something from the great and incredible writer Gabriel García Márquez, for example. Unfortunately he passed away a few days ago. May the peace be with him.

Changing the topic...
As you know, because I have been telling you about it a lot lately, I was part of a girl-band called The Majorettes. And I said I was because I have left the band for good.
No major reason is the motive of this decision, maybe is a pile of small things, but the most important one is that I always wanted to do everything  feeling it hundred percent and I felt that this wasn't the case.
Each girl in the group resulted having a total different point of view when it came to the band's musical direction, so it was a little bit difficult to make any decision without having a real debate every time we wanted to change something. So, in spite of the fact that it was great joy for me, I'm not anymore a Majorette.
I treasure each moment I've lived with these amazing women.

Nevertheless, I'll leave here a few snaps of our last gig together. Unfortunately I cannot show any vids or pics of the highlight of the night, when our friend Monika Ruth joined us on stage to sing Something's Got a Hold On Me by Etta James.

Abbi Fernandez

Abbi, myself and Eva

 A snap from the side
fetishism Shoe observation
Shakin' That Thing

 We are all Pink
 Manuela, Agua, Abbi, Eva & myself
 Singing something really sad
Very smart looking
 The drummer girl
 Eva seducing around
Sister's music bonding

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